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Parts and Accessories for the Vintage and  Custom American Motorcycle

Welcome to Ozark Mountain Motorcycle Supply, an independent aftermarket shop dedicated to personalized customer service. We are an “old school” business that will work with you to get all the parts you need. If we can’t get it, we’ll send you to someone who can.

We at Ozark Mountain Motorcycle Supply love all motorcycles, but our main passion is for HDs. We've helped our friends and customers restore, build, and customize a wide variety of HDs. We've located parts for a 1956 KH in Australia. We've had Paughco frames and springers made for several great looking chops. And we make performance recommendations for the real world.

Nose cone Shovelheads: We love them! It seems as if "Shovs" are all the rage right now, with all the big name shops doing shovelhead customs. We guess they are rediscovering what all the old-timers have know all along. Nothing sounds nor rides like a well tuned shov. How do we know? The owner of OMMCS has had the same shovel since 1976! That's "old school"! (In case you are wondering, 82 inches, A grind cam, dual plug heads, Crain Hi-4 ing., CV carb, 3 inch primary belt drive, and oh yes, KICK-ONLY!)

XLs: Whoever came up with this "girl's bike" crap never threw a leg over a well tuned sporty. XLs were and still are the hot rods of the HD line.

Summer 2005

Yost Power tubes Rock!
We've tryied them on several bikes and the results have been excellent! E us for details.

December 2005
KH cams shipped overseas. What seems to be the last set of KH cams on the planet is now going "down under" to what may be the only KH in Australia.