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Warning! This page contains the opinions of the owner, Kenny. What you read may upset you!

The following are things I’ve learned after about thirty years of riding and wrenching on Harleys.


Carburetors: The best all around carburetor is the CV.  After you put on a good performance air cleaner and re-jet it, the CV will perform as good as or better than the famous carburetors on a normally modified motor. And it will behave better around town! When do you need a “performance carburetor”? When your motor is starting to get on the extreme edge. High lift cams, high compression, head work, big bore and stroke.  Then you need a performance carburetor with a larger diameter throat that will handle the demands of your engine. A good rule of thumb is when you are going to be making 90+ HP; it should be time to start looking for a larger carburetor.


Exhaust systems: Here it is time for hard choices. Looks and sound, or power? Straight pipes are not performance pipes! Yes, they look good and sound great, but when it comes to performance, they are on the short end of the stick. The best pipes are the 2 into 1 collector systems. The next best is the 2 into 2 systems with free flowing mufflers. The worst you can do is short 2 inch straight pipes on a stock size motor!  If your motor is less than 100 inches, stick with the 1 ¾ inch diameter pipes.


Cams: Cam selection is critical. You do not want a high RPM “race” cam in a dresser. I know this is an extreme example, but I had to do some serious talking to get that idea out of someone’s head. (He finally got a gear drive touring cam for his TC dresser and loved it.) You have to look at what modifications you have done to your engine, weight of the bike, type of riding you do, and what you are trying to achieve. Do your research! E me and I’ll send you some links that are a big help in cam selection.


Yost power tubes: My friends and I have tried them and they work! The best results were in Evos with cams and S&S Super Es. We were amazed at what a difference that little tube made. They are worth every penny!

Customs, Choppers, and Bobbers: I've built/help build many bikes. My basic plan has always been for the bike to look good, handle good and run good. I'm so glad that bobbers are back in style. I'm so tired of these super-fat tired bikes that cost too much and handle like crap. I rather see a custom softail that is well put together than a "chopper" designed to look pretty, but handles like crap and you have to look around the headlight to see the road. Choppers can look good and funtion great, as long as you use some common sense. Motorcycles were meant to be rode,  not put on display like a piece of art.

Pre and Post Evo motors: Evo and TC motors run better and last longer than shovels, pans, etc. After having worked on and ridden most of the HD lineup, I can safely say if you want to make HP, go with the Evo and TC motors. Personally, I feel you can get more “bang for your buck” with an Evo than a TC. And can you make a shovel or earlier engine run with the new ones? Yes, but it takes time and lots of money. The biggest disadvantage that the older motors have is the lack of a “squish area”. The squish area creates turbulence in the combustion area for a better burn of the fuel/air mixture. The better the burn, the more power you will make. And what do I ride? A kick-start only 1976 FLH. Sometimes logic loses to passion.



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