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We are dealers for V-Twin, Paughco, and 45 Parts Depot. We also have many contacts in the vintage and custom fields.If we don't carry it, we'll send you to someone who does!

Parts, we always need something. As time goes on, Pre-Evo parts are getting harder to find. Here at OMMCS we believe in keeping "old steel" on the road. We can still get a wide selection of exhaust, motor, tranny, drive line, etc, to keep your classic on the road.

And yes, we can get Evo and TC parts also.

Be sure to check out our eBay Store.

Performance: Got to have it! We like motors built for the real world, where one minute you may just cruising the town, the next, hammering it down on the on ramp or getting around a line of trucks. For 90% of us, the proper formula of intake, cam, ignition and pipes will provide more than enough power. Many times people get too carried away and mismatch parts and end up with a motor that does not want to "putt around" or makes most of it's power at the top end. Feel free to contact us and ask questions before you start. We can give you advice and links that will help design the motor you need. Also check out the "owner's page" for his opinions on motors.


We recently put together what we feel is one of the most common sense performance kits on the market today. We are combining the Yost Power tubes with the Accel High-Flow petcocks. The petcock allows the fuel you need to get to the carburetor and the power tube breaks it down into a fine mist for easier and more complete burn. For more details, look for the kits in our eBay Store.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


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